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Here at Oak Construction Services, we pride ourselves on being the reliable name in traffic control services Melbourne can trust for all traffic control requirements, from a basic stop/slow bat operation to dealing with new major road works. We handle everything from designing traffic management plans and organising permits to safely setting up your site and professionally carrying out traffic control services Melbourne wide.

While work on the road can be high-risk, our experienced traffic controllers are equipped with the necessary training, standards and equipment necessary to service your needs. We always ensure each that project complies with any applicable legislation, processes and conditions.


Traffic management services are complex, as they combine infrastructure works, traffic flow, laws and regulations, adequate signage and controls, as well as health and safety requirements for road users, pedestrians, construction workers and the public.

We tailor traffic management solutions to the needs of all clients whilst never compromising on safety. Whether you require a road closure, barriers and signs, and/or parking marshals, you can count on our experienced team to deliver. With the experience of our directors and staff, we can supply to all variety of works and offer quick responses, outstanding service, the best of available equipment and professional personnel.

We supply all required signage, traffic control devices and equipment needed for thorough onsite traffic control. We pride ourselves on maintaining focus on the safety of our road workers as well as the safety of your worksite and that of the general public. Our experienced staff are committed to providing the following key components:


At OAK, we handle all your traffic planning and traffic control needs. Our traffic control services Melbourne include: Attending pre-work meetings, assessing onsite traffic management requirements, submitting site-specific planning documentation and ensuring permits are gained in an efficient & timely manner. We can also attend incidents as they happen to help clean things up quickly.

All required safety precautions, rules and regulations are addressed and integrated into your traffic management plan. Our fully qualified staff will assess the scope required in conjunction with the specific road and environmental conditions to create your traffic management plan.

Our on-call professional traffic services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering the fast response needed for emergency works. We strive to be an industry leader and we know that having the right employees is crucial in achieving this.

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